Hi, I'm Susanne.

Currently I am searching for a job after recently finishing my Master in "Advanced Product Design" at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden.


Internships at

No Picnic
TEAMS Design
Storz Design
Pöttinger Landmaschinen (Forestry machines)


My strength as a designer is to tell stories and to stimulate people's minds. Observing and delving deeply into a topic to understand the story to create a solid solution is driven by my focus on human-centered design. Post-its and "What if?" "Why? / Why not?" and "How might we“- questions are guiding my design process to look at problems and design challenges from out-of-the-box perspectives.

Me? - In my freetime I like to explore the world of photography and cameras. I love to create bits and pieces for my home or for giveaways and I enjoy sports like Hiking, Squash and Volleyball with friends.